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HnTv1 NFL/PRO/D1 Training Football is the innovative 3-in-1 football designed to challenge and reinforce great habits for ball security by including slippery ball, weighted ball and now an instant audible feedback when done correctly.  The ball is engineered not to be kicked or thrown great distances, it is TEACHING and TRAINING FOOTBALL. This training ball that will make the user aware of the positioning and proper grip used to secure the ball to the body. Go to and drill ideas to change your game!

HIGHandTIGHT version 1 (HnTv1-NFL/PRO/D1) is a state of the art, patented football that gives the user instant audible feedback when they are holding the football correctly, HIGH and TIGHT.  Whether you teach HIGHandTIGHT or LOWandTIGHT this ball will give instant audible feed back when it is done correctly!

Your HIGHandTIGHT Package includes:

  • HIGHandTIGHT Football Trainer
  • HIGHandTIGHT Football Trainer Storage Bag ($14.95 Value)
  • Batteries for your HIGHandTIGHT ball INSTALLED ($9.95 Value)
  • Online Instructions and Certification Course for your HIGHandTIGHT training
  • RUGGED CROSS DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS for Ultimate training drill.