Upon receiving your HIGHandTIGHT training football, watch the following informational videos detailing product set-up, ball activation, proper use and training implementation.

Ball Set-up


Teaching the Perfect Hold


Perfect Hold Technique 


Training with the Perfect Hold


 Teaching T.E.A.M. to your Program and Players


Creating New Habits with HIGHandTIGHT 


For best results, avoid kicking or violent force to the balls for optimum sensor feedback.  Also, due to the increased weight, avoid throwing HIGHandTIGHT training balls for distances greater than 10 yards.  The balls are water resistant, but when storing the balls keep them well ventilated to avoid potential moisture build-up and ensure they are kept in room temperatures greater than 60 degrees.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Coach Tom Creguer at 989-400-7273.  He would also love to hear your feedback and utilize a testimonial from you as well.