SET UP: We know how excited you are to get your Training Football, HnTv1 or HnTv2.  We have made set up FAST and SIMPLE.  

Upon receiving your ball, HnTv1 or HnTv2, WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW while you inspect and ensure that all elements (BALL and BAG; Batteries should be installed for HnTv1 and HnTv2) are without damage, if you have issues with damage call Coach Tom Creguer (Cray-jur) at 989-400-7273. 

STEP 2- After you WATCH the 2018 SET UP VIDEO for HnTv1 and HnTv2, loosened and tested the sensors if you need some additional 'how to' teach your kids to close the gap between the wrist and the ball as well as the elbow and the body please watch the PROPER GRIP VIDEO BELOW.


Watch the Video BELOW and Go CREATE HABITS THAT WIN GAMES by implementing the ball into your regular footwork drills and training drills. 


Next remember that we are all a product of habits that come from repetitions.   The athletes need to work on carrying the ball HIGHandTIGHT as often as possible in any time of the practice.  They need to have others HEAR THEM GET BETTER!

The HIGHandTIGHT SYSTEM will be available here in the upcoming weeks to help you change your practices and create the best ball security players as possible. 

God Bless and train well.

Coach Tom Creguer



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