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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Question (Q) Q1:
What is a HIGHandTIGHT training football exactly? 
HIGHandTIGHT Answer (HnT A) HnT A1:
HIGHandTIGHT Footballs are the WORLD’s ONLY self-contained pressure measuring, multi-sensory, instant audible feedback training footballs on the market.
What does the ball "measure" exactly?
HnT A2:
The sensors in the ball panels measures how pressure is placed upon the ball.  The goal is "equal distribution" of pressure against the ball and body creating a strong hold.  When a player uses proper technique on the panels of the ball (not the seems) as the ball measures how the pressure is distributed through the ball to create the even, strong, unbreakable hold the BALL BEEPS (whistles) when accomplished.  Not having a tone also communicates to the athlete and coach and draws attention to the ball position.
Can the footballs be used in games?
HnT A3:
No, this ball is a training football that can be used in drills, practice situations, and general training sessions to create habits that carry over into games.
How long will the balls last?
HnT A4:
The balls are very durable and a few factors impact how long they last such as proper technique teaching to ensure adequate pressure placed on panels as well as proper care and storage.  Most training sets last a season or two depending these factors. 
How is it powered? Do I have to charge the balls? Is there an "on/off" button?
HnT A5:
The balls are powered by 4 "watch batteries", that look like coins.  #2032 is the official size of the batteries that can be purchased at virtually any store near you.  The ball is ready for training and activates the batteries when pressure is applied so there is NO SWITCH to turn on or off, it is as ready as you!
How long will the batteries last?
HnT A6:
The length of battery life varies, most have a life of 2000+ hours. If your beeping (whistle) tone is weakening simply use a coin (quarter),place it in the slot on the ball turn counter-clock wise and open to replace the batteries.  Be careful, not to cross-thread the cap when closing, the cap should go easily on and below flush of the ball skin for safety. 
What does multi-sensory training mean?
HnT A7: 
Because the ball is slippery, a little heavier than a normal ball, and provides a beeping (whistling) response you are using senses like: touch, hearing, sight, and space (proprioception). 
Is there a specific way to make the ball beep?
HnT A8:
Sort of; the best technique is a Split-finger (teaching video available) where the seems of the ball make an "X" between your index and middle fingers, but some use the Finger on the Tip.  Either way, having the forearm on the panel and panel to chest and flattening wrist and elbow to chest equally distributing pressure makes a strong hold and instant audible feedback (whistle/beep).
Are there videos on how to use and how to train with the balls?
HnT A9:
YES, Absolutely! Check the "HOW TO" tab on our site to start.  Then go to our YouTube Channel and social media outlets @HIGHandTIGHT1 FOLLOW, LIKE, TAG, and subscribe.  You will see Basic to Advanced steps for use and integration.
Who is using and training with ball?
HnT A10:
Nearly 50% of the NFL teams, over 70 NCAA teams and 100+ of Top HS and Youth teams have purchased.  We usually reference who has 'invested' in the balls because the amount of training and integration determines "who is actually using" the ball.  We are disappointed when we attend a practice of a "HIGHandTIGHT program" and they still only use the ball for 5 mins of individual drills and the rest of the practice they sit in their drill equipment bag on the sideline.  Those that "invest" want to maximize their return and use the "HnT Training program" and also find ways to integrate the balls into additional time and training. 
We have budget issues, how much do they cost?
HnT A11:
How much does a fumble cost the team, coach or player?  After speaking with coaches, most say budget is more about priorities than cost?  How much do you VALUE ball security?  The value of a win is how much you will be willing to invest.  A simple answer is between $65-$150 per ball depending on quantities and version of ball.  Feel free to contact us to ensure you are getting the best deal for your program. 
Do you have different sizes and what are the differences between these balls?
HnT A12:
Yes, the sizes we have are: HnTv1 for PRO, HnTv1 for Power 5/D1, HnTv1 for D2/D3/HS and HnTv2 for Youth grades 5th -10th. Coming soon are HnTv3 for Youth and PEEWEE teaching footballs without Beeping. 
The size of the HnTv1 is similar to Wilson 1001 ball in length and circumference; weight is 1.6x that of a real football (60% heavier), but the true difference is in the pressure settings required to create a stronger hold.  Higher levels require increased pressure.  The HnTv2 size is similar to a Wilson TDJ in size but still has the added weight. 
Will the ball deflate or need to be pumped up? 
HnT A13:
NEVER! The balls are filled with foam for added durability to protect the sensors and provide the additional weight for training. 
Do you have balls that are made of REAL leather?
HnT A14:
Not at the moment because the purpose of the training ball was to combine multiple training devices into one comprehensive ball.  Therefore, we made it more slippery than it would have been with a leather exterior to simulate rain and adverse conditions. 
Is there anything special I need to do for care of the balls? 
HnT A15:
The balls are "weather resistant" in terms of rain and moisture.  We have never had a ball have an issue with rain to date.  With the electronics inside we have had issues with lower temps impacting the performance.  When the temperature is below 55 degrees the balls need to be warmed up first.  COLD STORAGE is NEVER advised and will VOID ALL warranty.
What is the product warranty?
HnT A16:
As a Coach that started this for Coaches and Players we value honesty and integrity.  The manufacturer's warranty is full replacement of normal training wear and tear returned within 60 days.  As a coach/inventor please communicate with us.  We can not address something and help if we do not know there is an issue.  We will make it right because it is always the right time to do the right thing.  Contact us
What if my ball isn't beeping(whistling) when I try to use it?
HnT A17:
First question is have you watched the HOW TO page videos on our website?  Second, is the ball warmed up (above 60 degrees).  Simply setting the ball in the sun or warm room can allow for the electronics to operate properly.  Third, are you using the Finish Technique to help you close the gaps of the wrist and elbow against your chest or ribs (hard surface)?  Finally, have you replaced the batteries?  If all checks out and still nothing, let's talk. Give us a call on the CONTACT PAGE
Do you ever partner with Coaches or Players that love ball security and training that could make some product videos of use?
HnT A19:
Yes, please text Coach Creguer (Cray-jur) at 989-400-7273 with your name, school, location, social media links, and interest.
Why doesn't everyone have these balls for practice and training?
HnT A20: 
The pace of life today and the responsibilities of those involved with the sport of football make it difficult for people to learn about advancements.  Simply put they JUST DON'T KNOW ABOUT THEM YET!!
Could come from you...just Follow and DM to have your question answered!  


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