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Basic 7 Ball Security Drills

  (Basic implementation starts standing still or walking.)

1. Finish Drill-
  • Start and finish each play or drill with the end in mind.
  • Using pre-discussed Split-finger hold place your off arm over the wrist and lock dock while rolling shoulder forward to conceal the ball. 
  • Complete 2 sets of 10; for a challenge add PUNCH TECHNIQUE before.
2. Punch Drill-
  • With the ball in HIGHandTIGHT position with a Split-finger hold use a friend, wall or imagination.
  • Simulate striking Arm, then Helmet, then FINISH. “1, 2, Finish”
  • Complete 2 sets of 10; alternating arms using SWITCH TECHNIQUE. 
3. Switch Drill-
  • While we DO NOT teach switching in traffic or games we understand that best practice is to keep the ball away from opponents therefore if you are going to switch, let’s teach it properly to ensure security. 
  • With the ball secured to the chest with Split-Finger hold take off arm and go UNDER THE BALL to find the tip of the ball in your armpit.  Pull over and across the body returning to HIGHandTIGHT position.
  • Complete 2 sets of 10; for challenge add an immediate 1, 2 with off-hand PUNCH TECHNIQUE followed by FINISH TECHNIQUE.
4. Flip Drill-
  • This drill will help improve Split-Finger hold awareness.
  • Starting with the ball against your chest, flat panel to forearm and X between the Split Finger hold then extend the ball arm out away from the chest and flip the ball up so it switches ends within the hand and return the ball to the chest with eyes on the ball tip to see the X.  
  • Complete 2 sets of 10; be sure to use SWITCH TECHNIQUE to change arms between sets. For a challenge close your eyes. 
5. Ground Drill-
  • There are a few positions that have a higher chance of fumbling.  This next drill is one way to create good habits that counter that potential.
  • Simulating reaching to the ground while the ball is in HIGHandTIGHT position with proper technique and reach down to touch the ground.  Move forward slowly with each touch to simulate fighting for yards. 
  • Complete 2 sets of 10 touches with each arm.  Use SWITCH TECHNIQUE to change arms.  *If you have access to a soft pad, on the 10th rep add FINISH TECHNIQUE and slowly tuck & roll shoulder to simulate tackle. 
6. Rhythm Drill-
  • Most athletes have a lateral avoidance move (juke/ankle breaker) that takes the ball away from their body while completing the set up move. 
  • With ball in HIGHandTIGHT position begin with a slight walk/jog beginning with ball foot (the foot of the side that the ball is being held) by taking 1 small step, 2nd small with opposite foot, then on the 3rd step...take it WIDE as a set up move while keeping the ball in locked, tight position to body. 
  • Complete 2 sets of about 20 yards each.  Use SWITCH TECHNIQUE to change arms between sets. For challenge increase Speed.
7. Plank Drill-
  • Just before contact with the ground or object is also one of the most potentially high fumble times.  
  • In a plank position (only toes and elbows touching the ground) tighten the ball close to the chest and slightly rotate to take the ball arm off the ground but keeping it as close to the ground as possible.
  • Complete 2 sets of 10; raise and lower ball arm off ground for each rep.   
(*BONUS / CHALLENGE DRILL) Ball Security Push up Drill-
  • From the PLANK DRILL position go into a one-arm push position with only your hands and feet touching the ground.  
  • Keep the ball tight to your body. Adjust the width of your feet- Closer together increases difficulty/challenge.
Complete 2 sets of 30 seconds of push ups on each arm.  Hold if cannot complete. This will enhance your PUNCH TECHNIQUE above.  Add time.
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