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John Johnson, Running Back Coach for South Dakota State University, explains his reasons why he loves using HIGHandTIGHT with his players. 


 Eddie Faulkner, Running Back Coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers, explains his reasons for using HIGHandTIGHT with his ALL-Pro players. 


Gary Brown Testimonial
"I will not coach another day without HIGHandTIGHT in my practices.
This is an amazing product. The players feel and hear it working."

- The Late Gary Brown, Former Dallas Cowboys RB Coach


"If I had that ball in high school, I don't think I would've had a fumble. It's teaching me how to squeeze the ball at the point of contact. Everything has changed about me holding the ball." 
- Matt Jones, former Washington Redskins RB


"When you have the football in the perfect position with all the points covered and tight to your body, it sings to you. When it stops singing, you know you're doing something wrong." 

- Ezekiel Elliot, Former Dallas Cowboys RB



HEAD HS COACH, Brent Eckley, Jackson, MO 


 "We have used HIGHandTIGHT training footballs for 2 seasons at Jackson High School in Missouri. The HIGHandTIGHT training footballs have helped us immensely in offensive ball awareness and security. The great thing about the footballs is not just holding the football with the proper technique, but actually squeezing the football consistently while running. Instant feedback with the beep help us coach up the players to keep pressure on the football and squeeze it. There is a short learning curve on how to best protect the ball and squeeze it. We use the HIGHandTIGHT training footballs for all running back, quarterback and receiver footwork drills, receiver catch and a move drills, QB/RB mesh drills and our fly sweep drills. The footballs get used every day and we feel like we continue to improve with ball security each year because of our training with the HIGHandTIGHT footballs." 

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HEAD HS COACH, Kevin Townsend, Freeland, MI
"HIGHandTIGHT training footballs give us a competitive advantage. We run the ball nearly 95% of the time and we are consistently a playoff team. We even had a playoff season with only ONE fumble from a back up running back (a sub not normally carrying the ball because of our lead). We have consistently protected the ball better than our opponents and going into a game we can see on film whether our opponents use the HIGHandTIGHT footballs. We know we can get a fumble or two from those that don't train with the balls HIGHandTIGHT."
 Email if you need further assurance that the balls are a great investment tool.
Arkansas HS Head Coach- DJ Marrs
“For us at a small school, it’s like Having 2 RB coaches and one of them his only job is to coach ball security, and allows our RB coach to focus on other aspects of the drill. It also creates a more common language than the vague “high and tight”. We get to ask “why isn’t it beeping”. So now they get to breakdown the the form of carrying the ball and address the problem.”
The Late Curtiss Madden, Former Dana Point HS OC, CA 
Father of NFL RB and former USC RB Tre Madden
"Thank you Coach Creguer. I should have ordered these 5 months ago!! HIGHandTIGHT is the BEST thing for a running back coach EVER INVENTED!"


RPI College Coach-Ralph Isernia
"Budgets are under heavy scrutiny. Only necessary purchases are allowed. I said the HIGHandTIGHT balls aren’t necessary, they are VITAL!!!"
Former Asst. RB COACH, Mitch Singler, DUKE FOOTBALL
"Love the footballs! They are getting put to use!! The players notice the difference and like them too!"
Asst. COACH, Kellen O'Neill, University of Findlay, OH
"The Balls are really neat and EFFECTIVE!! I even shared with other coaching buddies I liked them so well."
Liberty League Champions 2019
"Love the balls and are using them on a daily basis.  Need to get more!"
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