Coach Charlie Collins, NFL Coach for San Francisco 49ers and Cincinnati Bengals discusses his use of the ball at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Academy in Canton OH.


"When you have the football in the perfect position with all the points covered and tight to your body, it sings to you. when it stops singing you know you're doing something wrong." - Ezekial Elliot, Dallas Cowboys
Gary Brown Testimonial
"I will not coach another day without HIGHandTIGHT in my practices. This is an amazing product. The players feel and hear it working." - Gary Brown, Dallas Cowboys RB Coach

Matt Jones Testimonial

"If I had that ball in high school, I don't think i would've had a fumble. It's teaching me how to squeeze the ball at the point of contact. Everything has changed about me holding the ball." - Matt Jones, Washington Redskins


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