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To meet the existing demand for football program and player evaluation, HIGHandTIGHT offers personalized ball security consulting services.
Looking to gain a competitive advantage for your program?
In need of ball security improvement?
Desiring to enhance your coaching or teaching methods?
Ready to eliminate fumbles from your game altogether? 
A simple phone call is all it takes to tailor an experience that will ensure ball security enhancement is in your future. Analysis of ball security coaching and player technique is available via film study or in-person by HIGHandTIGHT’s ball security expert, Tom Creguer, to identify areas for improvement. Following coach and player analysis, in-person demonstration of ball security technique is made available program-wide and includes the use of HIGHandTIGHT’s multi-sensory training footballs.
Call 989-400-7273 today to schedule a quick 7-minute consult to determine how HIGHandTIGHT may be of assistance to you.
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