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COVID-19 BUDGET ISSUES will NOT STOP great coaches and programs!

The year of 2020 will be marked with many great changes and advancements in our society.  One of the issues facing our 2020 seasons will be the impending pandemic recommendations along with the navigation of the situation within each sport during the pandemic.  People have been hit hard by our society's reaction to this virus.  We have cancelled events, we have modified education, we have cancelled sports for the "greater good".  Programs have been cut, coaches have been furloughed, and consequently budgets have been slashed.

Great people are born out of great situations.  This Covid-19 pandemic situation will be no different.  Coaches and leaders in many ways have already begun to find a way to operate within the ever changing climate and they will continue to do the same.  It's this spirit of adaptation and overcoming that has driven our great Country to be what it is today, a place of opportunity for all.  Programs that are led by forward thinking leaders will adapt and grow.  We like to think of people being classified into two distinct groups: Problem-Staters and Problem-Solvers. 

When you think about any situation we are facing and analyze the conversation within the construct of the topic at hand you will hear people telling you what's wrong or why you can't do something and you will also hear people that will mention ideas that we could possibly apply to ensure we are able to overcome it.  Successful programs seem to have more Problem Solvers involved than those with the Problem stating mindset.  (Growth vs Fixed mindsets)

What each program is currently facing with budget reductions is just another opportunity for people to "find a way" to overcome.  When programs connect with HIGHandTIGHT and we begin to discuss the impact our product has on teaching and training and ultimately winning because the players fumble less coaches say similar things.  We hear, "as soon as my budget allows" or "let me check my budget".  This has never been uncommon, but in today's climate it has become nearly the norm.  

As a coach, with a problem solving back ground in the United States Marine Corps and as a former Head High School Coach and Collegiate Coach I constantly ask, "how can I help?"  We start with fact-finding questions that almost always come back to, "DO you fund-raise?"  Very few programs are not using a fundraiser to accomplish their objectives for their program.  The next set of questions always revolves around, "HOW do you fund-raise?"  At the end of the talk a unique realization usually occurs, "if I can't afford all that I need for my program with my current fund-raiser should I look at something else?"

Hearing hundreds of coaches experience similar budget issues, but still desiring to provide them with one of the basic pillars of winning football programs, BALL SECURITY.  We listened and partnered with a cutting edge, forward thinking, incredibly powerful and simple to use Covid-friendly fundraising platform called Blast Athletics.  Traditionally, most companies that programs use to fund-raise with take a percentage or cost something to use and programs simply exchange that cost of working together for the funds they receive.  

Example, you purchase discount cards from a company that has a ton of businesses offering 10% off discounts, etc and each card you buy from that company costs you $5.00 then you sell them for $20.00 each.  You have just made $15.00 for your program and traded 25% of your sale for the cost of those discounts.  The people that buy the cards like them (don't usually use them, but like to support the kids) and your program receives the funds after manually exchanging product for cash.  This simple relationship also applies to candy sales, candle sales, t-shirt sales, etc. and each year you physically have to complete the transactions. 

How does one make more money if your fund-raiser leaves you in a situation where you currently can't afford new products like HIGHandTIGHT footballs for your program?  Do you sell more items? In today's climate, are we even going to be allowed to sell in person? Do you ask the company to cut its percentage from 25% to 20% and you make 5% more than last year once you do the ground-pounding to make the sales?

How does an on-line, Covid-friendly, simple to navigate, easy to maintain, powerful social media platform that pays you back 82% OR MORE on your efforts sound?  You and your team will never touch another item, never have to collect cash, you will have your funds in your account at the end of each week with a record of who paid what and when, no more logging on a spreadsheet and making deposits and checking balances, etc.  

Even better than the 82% your program keeps and the hands free tools that will keep kids safe from in person sales, working with this company you receive a powerful communication tool that you can use each and everyday as part of the relationship for FREE.  Yes, it's covered like the processing fees, in their 18% the company receives for working with you.  You don't just exchange your fund-raising dollars and time for a product to sell, you get a powerful product in return to use EVERYDAY to manage your team and inform your community.  Truly, it is amazing. 

As a coach that has done card fundraisers and made over $25,000 dollars year after year in a town of less than 2,000 people with a high school of less than 500 kids in 9-12 where free and reduced lunch is nearly 95%.  We have held events (like Power Lifting Regional and Youth Sports Camps) and raised additional funds in excess of $10,000 as well.  I know firsthand the time it takes and the rewards you receive and the countless hours it takes to do it all over again.  Just communicating with the team, parents and supporters for these events is time consuming on it's own.  

This fund raising platform allows you to text your entire team in 2 clicks!  Yes, two clicks!  Want to send a text or email message to just your JV Parents, 2 clicks!  How about sending a summer lifting manual to EVERY SINGLE player and parent in your program 9-12...3 clicks (got to add the attachment)!  It was amazing to learn about this platform and its capabilities IN ADDITION to the fact that the primary purpose to create an easier, more effective fundraising platform!  The company does not really push the power of the tools, but rather how much more money and time you have with their on-line fundraiser. 

On top of that, our partnership between Blast Athletics and HIGHandTIGHT results in FREE TRAINING FOOTBALLS for you program along with the added funds to purchase more if needed.  It's a WIN-WIN. The great training footballs and the funds (and communication tools) necessary to do what you desire and fully-automated!  It will be worth the investment of 15 mins to learn more.  To learn more, then receive your FREE HIGHandTIGHT footballs when you work together, click on this link if you are not satisfied with your experience- WE WILL STILL GIVE YOU A FREE HIGHandTIGHT football just for trusting us enough to try it!


Coach Creguer

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