Professional teams truly understand the importance of ball security

The Alliance of American Football "kicked off", well actually they do NOT do kick offs because of enhanced player safety.  This is just one of a few uniquely different aspects of the game that will entice Football fans and NFL watchers to fill their need for American Football in the early months of the year. 

Other differences revolve around the tracking of the footballs in game as well as the players even in a real-time gaming app.  Oh, and how about listening to the conversations in the huddle or instant replay/review.  It's amazing to hear the thought processes and reasoning like never before.  Not to mention that the scores are uniquely AAF because there is NOT PAT kicks.  It's go for 2 points each and every time, talk about excitement and point swings.  

One of the obvious similarities between the AAF and the NFL is that they share players.  The AAF players are professional caliber with some having years of NFL team experience and consequently the importance of ball security is paramount like the NFL.  Truth be told, probably even MORE IMPORTANT because some of these players have literally been cut from the NFL because of fumbles and ball security. 

In an effort to enhance their team the Memphis Express, Coached by Hall of Fame Linebacker and Chicago Bear Legend Mike Singletary, brought in our HIGHandTIGHT Coaching expert, Coach Tom Creguer, to address the ENTIRE TEAM about proper technique and ball security.  How much emphasis can a team or a coach place on the importance of ball security and creating great habits?  The answer for Coach Singletary is simple, you can never stop teaching or train enough because of the impact a turnover can make on the outcome of the game or a career.

His verbal endorsement and commitment to the team will be coming in video format to help other coaches and players realize the importance of integrating HIGH and TIGHT footballs into each and every practice day.  EVERY coach says the same thing about ball security, but few commit to placing this priority to the forefront with the multi-sensory training tool, HIGHandTIGHT.  Since the ball that beeps when proper technique is utilized it creates awareness in the athletes never before achieved. 

Simply put, great football is being played in the Alliance of American Football and this league's niche is to be cutting edge in how they show the game and how they train for the game.  HIGH and TIGHT is not just a catch phrase, it is a point of emphasis for the team, coaches, and players.  Get your HIGHandTIGHT balls today to experience what the aspiring greats do as well.  


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